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  1. The Poetry in Nahuatl Was called"flower and song", since it was characterized as a dialogue between the heart itself, the world, the divine and the people. Therefore, it was highly important within the Aztec societies. Poets were usually priests or princes whose job .
  2. NAHUATL POETRY Ritual poetry, created for communal expression, is widespread in Native America. It aims to re-create the sacred in the present moment. Communities regularly seek to be restored to their original fertility in cyclic ceremonies of renewal and thus promote the continuance of life on earth.
  3. It is a call-and-response poem, a common form in Aztec flowersongs. Interspersed between some of the stanzas, are verses in which another singer or chorus answers the poet. The flowersongs were written down as the scribe heard them performed, two generations after Nezahualcoyotl’s death.
  4. Oct 25,  · The following “Song-Poems” are taken from the Cantares Mexicanos, a late 16th-century collection transcribed by a Franciscan monk, Bernardino de Sahagún – of Náhuatl-language (Aztec) poetry known as “flower and song” (” xóchitl in cuícatl “): stylized, symbolic poem forms composed and performed by nobles – including kings.. These song-poems were believed to be carriers of.
  5. Nahuatl love poems or love poems about Nahuatl. Read, share, and enjoy these Nahuatl love poems!
  6. Biographies of fifteen composers of Nahuatl verse and analyses of their work are followed by their extant poems in Nahuatl and in English. The poets - fourteen men and one woman - lived in the central highlands of Mexico and spoke Nahuatl, the language of the Aztecs, Texcocans, Tlaxcalans, and several other chiefdoms.4/5(1).
  7. Aztec & literature Poem translated into Nahuatl, for a descendant of Tlazolteotl! She goes every morning at dawn, take to the source of the village, this clear water in which she looks at herself! Nahualt is the language of the Nahua peoples, descendants of the Aztecs and Pipils.
  8. ancient nahuatl poems: i. song at the beginning ii. a spring song, an otomi song, a plain song iii. another plain song iv. an otomi song of the mexicans v. another plain song of the mexicans vi. another chalco-song, a poem of tetlapan quetzanitzin vii. another viii. composed by a certain ruler in memory of former rulers ix. an otomi song of.

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